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ZikZak Multimedia

Also be sure to check the Developer Blog where many photos are posted; the github 'photos' directory; and random youtube videos by Jeff.


zz-sbc-r3-003-resize86.jpg zikzak sbv rec3 top view, mostly populated
avr-ext-sram-and-vga.jpg zikzak pre rev3 proving: avr8 proving external sram write, with sram output to VGA
avr8-ext-sram-focus-sram.jpg zikzak pre rev3 proving: avr8 proving write to external sram .. pic is focusing on the really lamely done sram; I was still really new at this :)
avr8-dual-double-buffer-60perc.jpg zikzak rev3: avr8 with double buffering framebuffer all in hardware .. breadboard is about 60% done
avr8-dual-double-buffer-ludicrous.jpg zikzak rev3: avr8 with double buffering in hardware .. breadboard is about 80% complete and completely rediculous
avr8-vga-skewtest.jpg avr8, very early VGA prototype; able to render '1xY' framebuffer.. really wide bands of colours; notice the skew during colour transitions though, due to each opcode costing some numebr of pixels since the avr8 is slower than the required VGA pixelclock
avr8-vga-textmode.jpg avr8 driving VGA mono text mode; was using a different approach this time, driving SPI/UART to feed the video signal and help keep a regular timing (no skew)
stm32-dip-adaptor-soldered-up-badly.jpg STM32 SMT part on a DIP adaptor, so it can be breadboarded; LQFP64 parts are hard to solder due to very small spacing between the pins (SOIC is not as bad); LQFP100+ is _Really_ hard to get righr - use a good solder station, and patience, and a USB microscope if you can swing it (they're cheap on ebay!) .. since this, I've acquired a hot air rework station (also relatively cheap on ebay!), and it makes your life a lot easier.
cheapo-microscope-zoom-inspection.jpg Using a cheapo $11 USB microscope attached to a PC, to do solder inspection; getting a 'decent' USB microscope for $60 or so on ebay is totally the way to go for SMT soldering.
breadboard-giant10-empty.jpg Giant breadboard .. 10 breadboards stuck onto a .. bread board; I should've used a cookie sheet for a ground plane, but live and learn. This giant breadboard is used for these computing projects, since a single, or a double/triple board, just aren't large enough for these monster projects!
{{:zik80:avr8-robot-car-prototype.jpg?direct&100 } Shadow car/tank/thing robotic car project, half way done, working nice
avr8-radio-receiver-with-lcd.jpg avr8 with RF radio receiver and writign to LCD; this was part of 'Shadow car' robot tank/car project

Youtube videos

ZikZak rev 3 (giant complex hardware double buffering approach)
ZikZak rev3 hardware double buffer alternating between two random external SRAM framebuffers
ZikZak rev3 stray capacitance problem in the breadboard or wiring?
ZikZak rev3 hardware double buffer, alternating between two static images.. nice and clean
Proving components piece by piece before assembling them into complete designs..
Proving avr8 and AY-3-8910 (actually, AY-3-8912 IIRC) can work together nicely, and easily
STM32 as GPU with crystal clear VGA and 60fps animation test .. all in software
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